Clinical Services


Clinical Services

Psychiatric evaluation and a mental health assessment are completed at the initial engagement. At OCEC Foundation we encourage guardian participation throughout this process. The OCEC Foundation provides treatment for youth where we model, mentor, and motivate our youth by using a positive relationships approach. Our program offers a unique blend of traditional and experiential therapy that surpasses other programs for troubled teens at risk in the community. Therapists, mentors, teachers, and staff work side-by-side with our youth every day to create an on-going therapeutic environment. It is an environment that extends far beyond residential-only sessions. Youth often do not realize initially that the activities they engage in have a clinical purpose because we incorporate therapy in so many ways. This kind of experiential approach makes youth less resistant to therapy. When we can minimize treatment resistance, we can accelerate therapeutic progress. OCEC Foundation provides comprehensive mental health and substance use disorder services helping individuals and families understand the symptoms of emotional and mental health conditions and providing access to effective, evidence-based counseling services.


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