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In-Patient Residential Treatment

At OCEC foundation our Therapeutic Residential Treatment is an intensive level of mental health services offered to youth who are experiencing intense trauma, emotional and intense behavioural challenges. At OCEC the emphasis of our residential treatment is inner healing and peace. We see each youth from a strength-based perspective and our goal is to help them see themselves in the same light. We provide each child with an emotional toolbox with specific dialectical behavioural therapy strategies. Our youth learn how to use their tools to understand their problems and identify positive solutions. At OCEC foundation we have caring professional clinical staff available to support your child 24 hours a day. Everyone works together to create an environment where your child will feel safe, respected, and supported. Our emphasis is not only on managing behaviours but building inner strength and empowerment. At OCEC Foundation we care about providing the best quality of services to our youth and their families. We provide continual growth and development of our residential program.

At OCEC foundation our treatment program consists of individual therapy and group psychotherapy and other intensive therapeutic services that are provided throughout the week by clinical mental health professionals.

The program will reinforce positive behaviors while reducing self-defeating ideologies and maladaptive responses to structure by implementing and teaching age-appropriate coping mechanisms.

The program’s treatment strategies focus on helping youth learn to:

  • Control aggression/anger.
  • Enhance communication and social and interpersonal skills.
  • Make healthy choices and better decisions.
  • Improve daily living skills, impulse control, peer relations, and problem solving;
  • Improve community responsibility.
  • Improve overall psychological well-being 


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