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Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) affects up to 15% of girls and 6% of boys, causing anxiety and distress that are severe enough to interrupt their daily lives. The OCEC Foundation in Cleveland, Ohio, has a staff of exceptional and caring therapists devoted to helping children and adolescents overcome trauma and learn to manage their stress. They create customized in-patient treatment programs that include proven therapies, nutrition to promote overall health, and family-based interventions. If your child or teen needs help with PTSD, call or use online booking to schedule an appointment today.


What causes PTSD?

Post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD develops after children or adolescents experience a traumatic event, whether they’re directly involved, witness it, or learn that a family member or friend was affected by a disturbing event.

A few common causes of PTSD in children and teens include being:

  • A victim of neglect
  • A victim of violence
  • A victim of physical or sexual abuse
  • A victim of psychological abuse
  • In a natural disaster
  • In an automobile accident
  • Diagnosed with a life-threatening illness

The death of a parent or caretaker may also trigger PTSD.

What symptoms develop due to PTSD?

Children and teens experience fear, sadness, and horror. They may become withdrawn and depressed.

It’s common to relive the trauma over and over. They may have frightening dreams or sudden memories that make them feel like the event is happening again. Your child may refuse to go to places that remind them of the trauma.

Children and adolescents may also:

  • Lose interest in their usual activities
  • Develop headaches and stomach aches
  • Have difficulty sleeping
  • Have angry outbursts
  • Worry about dying
  • Have problems in school

They may also regress to behaviors from a younger age. For example, your child may develop clingy behavior or start thumbsucking again.

How is PTSD treated?

When PTSD symptoms persist or become severe, the 24/7 in-patient program at OCEC Foundation delivers the consistent, structured treatment children and adolescents need to overcome their trauma.

The OCEC Foundation team uses evidence-based cognitive-behavioral therapies designed to teach the skills necessary to cope and move beyond the frightening event. For example, children often improve with trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy, while adolescents respond well to prolonged exposure therapy and cognitive processing therapy.

With a dedication to family-focused care, nutrition, and healthy habits, the OCEC Foundation actively involves parents and works with the family, teaching them how to support their child’s recovery. They also practice a holistic and mindfulness approach that nurtures and soothes anxiety.

At the OCEC Foundation, they’re sensitive to the needs of each unique person. They offer support for LGBTQ+ individuals and families from different cultures.

Early treatment following a traumatic event helps prevent years of worsening anxiety and other symptoms. To get PTSD help for your child or teen, call the caring team at OCEC Foundation, or schedule a consultation online.